Friday 3 September 2010

What a day..

Well, today was my first day of Sixth Form. Alone, I might add. And I only managed to get a conversation out of two people... Not through lack of trying I might add!

But my Dad's friend died this morning, and he is very sad, so I made him a card:

The picture isn't great - must remember to not photograph on a white background... I stamped the letters individually which is why they aren't very neat! And I know, I know, the stamp is Christmas, but it's the saddest looking one I had.. Well she isn't smiling!
He liked it anyways ^_^ and so did Mum :3.

  I'm very happy right now though, as I just ordered two packs of ProMarkers, the Autumn collection and the Winter collection (I have a colour chart!!) and a GOLD PROMARKER! Plus a pack of stamps :-)


  1. Sorry your day was not as good as it could have been .. it WILL get much better.

    Lovely card, and Christmas stamps are very versatile.

    Err how many markers have you bought .. and GOLD!

    Cathy xx

  2. Well... 5 in each pack, but they were £6.something on that website you gave me, and almost £10 on the Hobbycraft website!! xx